Injet New Energy was born basing on years of power supply and charging solutions experience. Our specialized technical team is always working on the latest renewable energy product including ev charger, energy storage, solar inverter to meet different market demands.

Injethelps you to open the imagination box of energy revolution, keep thinking, keep improving, keep greening the world.

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EV Charger

Energy Storage

Solar Inverter

Injet Vision Type 1 AC EV Charger for Home and Business

Injet Ampax US Series Level 3 DC Fast EV Charging Station for Business

Injet Ampax series can be equipped with 1 or 2 charging guns, with an output power from 60kW to 240kW, upgradable to 320 kW in the future, which can charge most EVs with 80% of the mileage within 30 minutes. Elevate your charging experience with the Injet Ampax DC charging station, featuring an Integrated Smart HMI & Optional 39-Inch Advertising Screen (advertising screens available in the future) designed to provide convenience, interactivity, and promotional opportunities like never before.

Injet Mini home charging

Injet Mini is an easy and economical home charging solution. Safe and reliable with 6mA DC leakage protection integrated, Injet Mini is a compact and easy to be installed and use for all home charging.

Injet Sonic EV Charger for Home and Business

Smart charger Injet Sonic is a single-phase / triple-phase optional fast AC electric vehicle charger, with two-year replacement for new warranty service and lifelong technical support.

Injet Swift EV Charger for Home and Business

Injet Swift AC EV charger is both suitable for residential and commercial use, the max output can reach 22kw to allow fast charge. its compact design can save more place. 

Injet Blazer Series For North American Market

The 1st Wallbox EV Charger got UL certified standards. UL & FCC & Energy Star approved, strictly comply with the health and safety supplies and mains. Adapts to all electric vehicles, power in China mainland.

Injet Nexus Series Home Level 2 EV Charging Solution

Injet Nexus adapts to all electric vehicles, power supplies and mains. It's a powerful home charging solution whith max current output reach 32 A, which is most ideally and most vehicles can use without issue.

Injet-Carry-on travelling EV charging solution

Injet-Carry-on adapts to all electric vehicles. It’s a convenient carry-on charging solution with max current output reach 32 A.Type 1 and Type 2 are both available. you can safely complete your home and traveling charging.

Injet-Three Phase ESS Hybrid Inverter

Injet energy storage inverter can convert the variable direct current voltage generated by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) inverter that can be fed back into a commercial transmission system or for off-grid grid use.

Injet-M-3 Charge mate

When the EV- Charger products are used in homes, in order to avoid the situation of Charger competing with other household electrical equipment for power supply during peak household electricity consumption, we developed the Charge-Mate.

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EV Charging Solution with Solar Energy Storage

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    Solar Inverter

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  • 2Energy Storage

  • 3Solar Inverter

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